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ARESA International was established in 2015 in the heart of Singapore, by co-founders Mr Augustine Tan and Mr Walter Tay. The company is currently involved in distributing Korean Beauty Products to all parts of the world, as well as organising Fitness and Fashion pageants across Asia. On top of that, ARESA also acts as a bridge to link up companies within Asia that are looking to expand abroad.

Our Mission

To establish an organisation that would provide a platform for people who are striving to achieve perfection in beauty and wellness.

Our Vision

To uphold a premium brand for beauty and wellness in Asia by readily adapting to a trend-driven environment.


ARESA Beauté was established in 2015 and is currently involved in distributing Korean Beauty Products as well as organising Fitness and Fashion pageants in Asia.

As the world moves forward, more and more people are striving for perfection in individual beauty and wellness. ARESA Beauté will provide a platform to allow people who seek perfections to achieve their dreams.

Although ARESA Beauté was established less than a year, they have quickly attained distributorship of 20 to 30 Korean beauty products. At the same time, while using Singapore as a base of distribution, they have successfully distributed products all over Southeast East, which includes Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Myanmar and Cambodia.

ARESA Beauté have also successfully collaborated with Watson and SASA Malaysia to provide them with popular Korean beauty brands. Other than retailers, ARESA Beauté have also partnered up with e-commerce giant Zalora to become their major Korean beauty products distributor. By doing so, ARESA Beauté is able to grow even faster into different countries by engaging them in both online and offline markets.

With the upward growing trend in Global Cosmetics market, Korean Cosmetics market and E-commerce provides business opportunitites with great potential.

ARESA Beauté is constantly sourcing and working together with Korean suppliers to bring trending and popular brands into the platform, such as April Skin, AGA-AE Pororo, Velasecret, Secret Key etc.

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ARESA Beaute's Soft Launch at Suntec GV!

ARESA Beaute's Soft Launch with WBFF Pros from Korea!

ARESA Beaute's Soft Launch at Club Gossip!

ARESA Beauté awarded with The Prestigious Brand Award 2016

2016 Asia Model Festival in Suwon (Ft. Maxim Models, DJ SODA and more!)

ARESA Beauté and April Skin Bosses

Collaborating with SPRING of Thailand

ARESA Beauté (KL)

April Skin products now in SASA (ION Orchard)!

Collaborating with SPRING of Thailand

Secret Key products now in SASA!

Collaborating with SPRING of Thailand

Best Employee Award presented to Mabel


ARESA Fitness was established with a vision to provide exposure and empower athletes to promote and encourage involvment in the fitness industry across Asia. They have successfully collaborated with the renowned World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) to become their partner and organiser for the Asia region.

Fitness is something that cannot be artificially altered, thus by launching WBFF Asia, ARESA Fitness hopes to emphasise the importance of health and fitness, as well as creating a platform to encourage like-minded people to express themselves through the pageant. The first stop of WBFF Asia will be in South Korea, whereby a successful media launch was already hosted, with more than 80 international reporters attending to report about the event. ARESA Fitness in the near future, aims to be the figurehead in both Korean Beauty industry as well as the Fitness Pageant industry. By doing so, ARESA Fitness hopes to promote the importance of beauty and wellness to the world.

What is the WBFF? WBFF is a competitive organisation founded by Paul Dillett which ARESA is happy announce that we have clinched the franchise for WBFF Asia.

The WBFF is one of the fastest growing competitive organisations, they are 100% focused on the athlete and providing athletes with the best exposure, prizes and opportunities available. Prizes for shows include cash, supplement sponsorships, photo shoots and much more.

The WBFF, the worldwide leader in Fitness, Beauty and Modelling, strives for international recognition as an industry leader by providing the best opportunities for contestants and models to compete, supporting our partners and effectively promoting health and fitness.

We seek to raise the standards within all aspects of our business through innovation and professionalism. The World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc. is a mainstream worldwide brand that continues to merge fitness, fashion and beauty.

WBFF Asia Championship


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